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Ragdolls are amazing creatures, seemingly emerging from a fairy tale, captivating hearts with their majestic appearance and gentle character. But what truly makes these cats unique? At the Vi Dool nursery, we know the answer - the secret lies in their delightful colors.

Ragdoll babies are born pure white, but from the third or fourth day of life, a wonderful metamorphosis occurs: the color gradually unfolds, complemented by shades and depth. According to standards accepted in all breed evaluation systems, ragdolls possess three main color patterns, each of which allows for the appearance of four colors. Colorpoint, bicolor, and mitted are our favorite and most popular. Each color palette contains four color options: seal (black), chocolate, blue, and lilac. Our cats adhere to the highest standard of colors.

It must be mentioned that chocolate and lilac are very rare colors, almost non-existent today, while the most common ones are seal and blue.

Colorpoint: Dark markings standing out against the light background of the body create a fascinating contrast. The dark nose and fluffy paw pads add lightness and elegance. In this variation of the Ragdoll, we can clearly see the influence of noble Siamese features and the refinement of Persian color-point cats.


Color: seal tabby Point Bicolor

Talking about the "mitted toes" color: it's a beautiful fusion with color point, with the main difference being the white "gloves" and white chin. This color has won over our hearts and the hearts of most enthusiasts. The dark markings of the color point, complemented by flirty white "socks" on the front legs and more expressive "gloves" on the hind legs, create a unique image. In addition to the "socks," there is a white "front" (chest) and a white belly, while the dark nose gives this color its unique feature. This charming color is available in blue and darker versions, creating variety in the refined palette of classic "socks."

olizzy 10

Color: Seal Point Mitted

Bicolors, representing a two-color variant of the coat, have a unique feature in the form of a dark contrasting mask, reminiscent of an inverted Latin letter V. This is truly a royal color for cats because the combination of colors on the face creates a pattern reminiscent of a crown. It starts from the forehead and smoothly descends to the cheeks to the chin. The nose remains pink, and the back stands out lighter than the markings. The main difference is that the chest, belly, and legs from knee to foot should be white, giving the cat a sophisticated appearance. This color can vary from lighter (blue) to darker (silver) shades, giving each cat a unique charm and elegance. The bicolor-links option (stripes on colored markings) is another new and increasingly popular color in our nursery. One of our favorites! Cats of this color are the stars of our cattery.

Окрас Сил табби поинт биколор

Color: Seal Tabby point Bicolor

The mystery of creating new colors in ragdolls is closely tied to careful selection in breeding. Our “Vi Doll” kennel strives to preserve the beautiful traits of the breed while introducing fresh nuances. And, of course, the process of creating new colors requires not only technical knowledge but also a creative approach.

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WCF or ASC Pedigree

All our kittens, regardless of class, have a WCF or ASC pedigree

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Proven health

We test our ragdolls for the carriage of genetic diseases

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Grown with love

All our ragdoll kittens grow up in an atmosphere of love and affection, surrounded by people and other cats

Any questions about the Ragdolls?

We will be happy to answer any questions about the nature and characteristics of the Ragdoll breed and how to buy a ragdoll kitten in our cattery.