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The history of the Ragdoll breed is fascinating and filled with incredible coincidences. It all began in the 1960s in America, in the state of California, when a domestic cat named Josephine (a mix of Siamese and presumed Birman) found her way into the home of Ann Baker.

 Ann, as it turned out, was a talented breeder. But before that, misfortune befell Josephine herself – she was in an accident, and despite the injuries, she remained an incredibly calm and obedient cat. Ann noticed that her beloved cat endured pain and stress with astonishing tranquility, never losing trust and love for humans. The first litter Ann received from Josephine inherited the stress resistance and calm demeanor of their mother. Ann kept one kitten for herself, naming him Josephine Baker, and began working to solidify these remarkable qualities. That's how modern Ragdolls emerged – cats that respond uniquely to any intervention, completely relaxing their muscles when you pick them up, turning into true ragdoll dolls. And their gentle and kind nature has become legendary.

Ragdolls are not just cats, they are soft clouds tamed by the magic of human love. Their fur is like a silky blanket, and their eyes, as deep as the ocean, capture attention. However, the real magic lies in their character. Ragdolls are cats that simply adore cuddling and being with you. Their empathy and loyalty are astonishing – it seems they know exactly how to lift your spirits and, if necessary, calm and cheer you up. But the wonders don't end there. In addition to their amazingly affable nature, Ragdolls possess incredible flexibility and seem capable of taking any possible form. Moreover, Ragdolls love water and enjoy bathing. And not a single Ragdoll is ready to trade communication with you for the independence commonly associated with cats. Ragdolls remain devoted to their human for life and are ready to interact with you around the clock. They are not solitary wanderers; they are genuine partners and conversationalists. However, it's essential to note that this partner is extremely active, both physically and psychologically well-developed. This cat will feel comfortable in a home with equally active and life-loving owners.

Over time, Ragdolls have gained popularity due to their amazing character and refined appearance, becoming favorites of many. This story emphasizes that breeds sometimes arise not only through careful selection but also randomly, underscoring the uniqueness and mystery of the feline world.

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WCF or ASC Pedigree

All our kittens, regardless of class, have a WCF or ASC pedigree

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Proven health

We test our ragdolls for the carriage of genetic diseases

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Grown with love

All our ragdoll kittens grow up in an atmosphere of love and affection, surrounded by people and other cats

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